Welcome to the first ever episode of I am a crazy dog lady. I am so excited to have launched this podcast and I really hope that you enjoy listening to it. I wanted to share stories about how fantastic dogs are and how they help us. Whether that’s being irreplaceable companions, being there for us when we need help and assistance, to inspiring us to start a business or create a product.

In this episode I introduce what the podcast is all about and I share my story about how Bertie my dog changed my life. I went from being in the Royal Navy to starting my own pet service business, to going on to help other people with their pet businesses. It’s been a fantastic journey and I really can’t think what my life would be like if we didn’t get Bertie. Well, I sort of can, my life would be completely different not only my career but the friends that I have made and the things that I learnt.

I will be releasing a new episode every week. The show notes will be posted under the blog post for that podcast episode and will contain any links and resources that are mentioned.

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